I have three partitions on my box - the first one is 5GB, and the other two are both 30GB (all are FAT32). Now, the Windows OS is installed on the first partition - there are no other files or programs other than the bare bones stuff XP brings, on that one -, and the other two are used for data and programs respectively.

I partitioned the drive a few years ago (when I wan't great at computers! ), and so I made a mistake and made the XP partition a bit too small for its liking. I've tried to install Service Pack 2, but, you guessed it! There isn't enough room...

So, I've already backed up my data on the second partition, and am planning to merge the first two together. Yet, I have a few questions:

1) Should I defragment the first partition before doing so, or will that not be needed?
2) Is there a - fair - chance that my Windows partition will be corrupted?
3) Which program should I use?

I have heard quite a lot about Partition Magic, but the almighty nihil said in another thread a year ago:
It never ceases to amaze me that people persist in using partition magic and other crap like that.....
So, I'm unsure what to do! Hehe!

Thanks in advance,