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Thread: Websphere pen test question

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    Websphere pen test question

    Hello all,

    First the quick question:

    Does anyone know what ports IBM Websphere Everyday Connection Manager runs on or which ones need to be opened on a firewall?

    The long, boring mumbo-jumbo:

    I'm currently in the information gathering (and product learning) stages of an IBM Websphere Everyday Connection Manager (WECM) pen test. I figured this forum might be a good stop on my way.

    I wanted to see if anyone had any useful info on this product in particular or if anyone that has attempted such a pen test.

    While this could be considered a wireless solution, right now I'm concentrating on the wired portion... Mainly the server itself and the firewall in front of it

    The later stages wil be directed at testing the client's implementation of the wireless parts of WECM.

    Thanks all,

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    Maybe you should ask the vendor of the software...eg. IBM???

    Usually....when I need a port open for software...I ask the vendor

    Do you have permission do your testing..probing??

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