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Thread: Directory Of Open Access Journals

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    Directory Of Open Access Journals

    Directory and archive of free scholarly journals. Heavily weighted towards computer science (58 links), including :

    CodeBreakers-Journal publishes original research articles in all aspects of computational methods used in the working fields Software Engineering, Virus-Research, Software-Protection and Reverse Code Engineering and Cryptanalysis as well as all other areas of security analysis. It offers the possibility to publish grey articles/papers too.
    Complexity International is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of complex systems research.
    Journal of Computer Science

    :: Concurrent, parallel and distributed processing
    :: Artificial intelligence
    :: Image and voice processing
    :: Quality software and metrics
    :: Computer-aided education
    :: Wireless communication
    :: Real time processing
    :: Evaluative computation
    :: Data bases and information recovery and neural networks
    And many more . . .

    Directory of Open Access Journals

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    A very nice find!This should keep me busy for a while.

    Thank you Hesperus.
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