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Thread: Who's gonna come off with that crude?

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    Who's gonna come off with that crude?

    I'm not too worried myself; I own a 2003 Honda accord and a few street bikes. I'm not too worried about paying the Euro prices for fuel either.

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    Yanno, I found it quite amazing hearing the EEC had offered us Petrol (BIG THANKS GUYS!) to help tide us through the ensuing shortage. It's more amazing still that they're paying twice per gallon what we are even now, and still offering it.

    Do your part: No unneccessary trips, park the frigging SUV and drive economy (we don't care how macho or affluent you are), quit cutting the yard (it's almost fall anyway), drive sloooower!
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    ya down here in Texas where we usually have some of the cheapest prices its friggin 2.99 a gallon! i am seriously containing my driving habits, wishing i didnt have to drive at all
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    Lots of tankers have been booked to shift petrol from EU (EEC was renamed about 10-15 yr ago). Apparently the cost of shipping space has doubled so the fuel will probably still be expensive when it gets to you.

    I've got to fill up today, fingers crossed it's not the 99.9p a litre I saw on the TV last night (3.8 litre to the US gallon). The only way I could make my car any more economical is to push it I get 62 mpg (50mpg US gallon).

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    The only way I could make my car any more economical is to push it I get 62 mpg (50mpg US gallon).
    I think the only car I have ever driven that had that sort of economy, was a Siat (sp?) Ibiza and most of the time I felt like I was pushing it

    It's actualy quite amazing how much fuel you can conserve by driving well. I did a driving instructors course years ago, at the begining one of the other pupils was using two full tanks of gas at the weekend, to visit his home, over a 600 mile round trip, by the end of the course he had very nearly halved that. Not only was he saving money on fuel but his journey time had decreased as wel.l
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    I've got a Clio 1.5dCi (100bhp) . I drive a single carriageway road to work so it's a bit slower than motorway speeds so that helps. It's a very economical car (650miles to the tank), I don't like it much but it's economical. Nice Audi with a V6 diesel next time I think.

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    And Im stuck driving my 1989 mercury cougar that gets about 20mpg. I go to work and thats it. And I refuse to work short shifts because then its not worth the gas it takes me to get to work. I would car pool but nobody at work lives in the area of town I do so it would kind of defeat the purpose. 3.19 in central illinois. I can remeber when 5 bucks would get me at least half a tank. Now it doesnt even get me 2 gallons

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    yeah, i work about 30 minutes from home (1 hour with traffic). I'm not really worried about fuel prices cuz I drive a Kia so its only costing me $28 bucks to fill 'er up!
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    $3.09 here in San Diego at the 76 station near my work. We usually get shafted, but I guess not yet as Zombiemann seems to have it worse than me. I am thinking about getting a cheap car for a couple of grand to drive back and forth. My truck gets about 14mpg (F150) and its getting pricey. As work is looking at moving to another location further away from where I live, I might just have to do that...
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    w00t! I only payed $2.86 today!! As I was pumping the gas, the guy was on a ladder changing the price to $3.19. However, I beat him done, so I only had to pay $2.86!

    Honestly, it doesn't affect my family that much. We've only got 1 car, it gets pretty good gas mileage, and we use about a tank a week, maybe a little less. Still, it cost me almost $35.

    Anyone else having to pre-pay everywhere you go to fill up? Makes me nuts...what am I, psychic, that I'm going to know to the penny how much gas it's going to take?! But with the price, I guess drive-offs are a real concern.
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