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    you could see if the ip, looks like is the sender's ip to me, is from a mapped network. my isp is mapped and when i see those "find sexy singles in <your area>" ads on web pages, they're usually accurate.

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    one word "NETSTAT"
    i hope there still netstat on ur box... ;-)
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    Hey Hey,

    Originally posted here by protocool
    one word "NETSTAT"
    i hope there still netstat on ur box... ;-)
    WTF does netstat have to do with an email header from a gmail account... and all the addicts complain about other members...

    So far Computernerd22 is the only one that's actually answered any questions (too bad I'm outta APs for the day), however others have added some interesting points.

    J_K9... Why would you want to know when they come online? It's not going to accomplish anything... Anyways... the odds are that with DSL of any sort they don't have a static IP... There either authenticating over PPPoE and receiving a dynamically assigned IP Address in an IPCP packet or they're connected as soon as they hit the DSL and are working with DHCP... receiving the addresses by sending out a DHCP Request. Either way the address will dynamic (PPPoE more so than DHCP because the leases are most likely set to be quite long)... Anyways... Basically what you're looking for is a keep alive program... something that will continuously send a PING to the host in question... These are flawed for a number of reasons, especially if you're just going to use a home PC.... It could be firewalled, the ISP might not allow PINGs to hosts and it could be viewed as Denial Of Service (although not really denying the service and could violate your ToU or trigger an alarm in the security department of one of the ISPs)... You received spam... welcome to the club.... Hit that junk mail button and continue on with your day.. You aren't going to learn anything... and it's not going to benefit you.... There are better things you could do with your time.

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    Thanks for all the replies! I've been a bit too busy lately! Anyway, in reply to HT:

    Why would you want to know when they come online?

    Sorry, that's not what I meant...what I was trying to say was that I was trying to find a program which would constantly ping the IP until it was found to be active (but if it has a decent firewall it will just drop the ICMP packets) - yet, this is pointless, because I don't even know their IP! :P slinky2004: is another Wanadoo IP - one of their servers, if I'm not mistaken...

    As for the sender having a dynamic IP address - I bow down to you, almighty HT! Maybe it's because of the fact that so few people here use DSL that we use PPPoA (with static IPs), that's why I incorrectly assumed that most DSL users had static IPs. Hehe! Well, thank you for correcting me, and I guess I've learned something!

    I don't think my ISP would view a series of pings as an attempt at Ping Flooding or DoS, because of the fact that they're so rubbish! I literally lose my internet connection approximately once every day, and the technicians there are pathetic (whenever I call them up asking them what's wrong, they tell me that there's something wrong with their servers - and they've caught more than one virus and trojan in the past!). Theirs could though, as you said.

    Hit that junk mail button and continue on with your day..

    You're right! Plus (I know this is a number one rule of what NOT to do) I already replied to them, because it wasn't really a spam email - it was a "Hi, how are you? How's everything over there?" one, and the person was called the same name as one who I recently gave my email address to (I'm not actually sure if I did or not). Although, it could just be spammers trying to check if my address was active, but I doubt it. The email was just too personal...

    Thanks everyone for all your help! I've really learnt a lot from this thread, so thank you!
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