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Thread: Hurricane Katrina Scams

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    Hurricane Katrina Scams

    Scammers have launched websites and are sending out spam emails to attract donations intended for the victims of Hurricane Katrina that struck parts of the South East of America.

    The SANS Internet Storm Centre said on its website that it has strong suspicions about Katrinahelp.com, Katrinarelief.com and Katrinacleanup.com.

    The security centre has contacted the hosting companies of some of the suspect sites, but they refused to take the sites offline based on just a suspicion.

    In one case, the website at Katrinahelp.com claimed to be offering web visitors the facility to make donations to the hurricane victims through the online payment provider PayPal.
    GovernmentSecurity.org -> Hurricane Katrina Scams

    well...you knew this would happen!

    EDIT: OPPS!>>>Put in the wrong link...fixed!

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    Yeah, we began receiving spam related to Katrina at work. I published a small advisory in the weekly company newsletter yesterday to warn all the employees to be careful if they planned to donate.
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    Something similar also happened after the Tsunami in Asia. It's sickening when you consider that there are people preying on the ignorance of the others. Then again, it's also sickening that there are people who really are that ignorant.

    I seem to be missing the link between that security warning about SuSE Linux and these spam emails. It's a good warning, though.

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