Tales Of A Microsoft Gumshoe
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Thread: Tales Of A Microsoft Gumshoe

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    Tales Of A Microsoft Gumshoe

    Cleaning up after the elephant . . .

    One hot day in August 2003, Peter Fifka sat in a rental car in the Czech city of Brno. He was hunting "Benny," a member of the notorious 29A computer-virus-writing group. Internet searches had turned up a photo of Benny and enough clues to his whereabouts that Mr. Fifka had narrowed down a likely address to a few streets.
    Mr. Fifka isn't a cop. He works for Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Safety Enforcement Team. Created in 2002, the group is part of the U.S. software giant's intensifying efforts to combat cyber crime.
    Microsoft's Enforcement Team employs 65 people world-wide, including former policemen, lawyers and paralegals. The group, which gets a seven-figure annual budget, has 25 investigators including Mr. Fifka.
    Thursday, September 01, 2005
    By Cassell Bryan-Low, The Wall Street Journal

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    ms has a police force? i wonder how long it'll be before they form their own army =p

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    Seven figures, eh???

    Seems to me that money would be better spent on securing the OS that these 'criminals' exploit in the first place...

    But, then, that's the nature of the 'corporate beast'...

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    Seems to me that money would be better spent on securing the OS that these 'criminals' exploit in the first place
    So, given $9,999,999 and full access... how would you secure Windows?



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    I'd love to see that ISO15408 audit.

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