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Thread: Paid Parked Domains? Recommendations?

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    Question Paid Parked Domains? Recommendations?

    I have about twenty or so domains that are currently not configured to show any website. Has anyone here found one parked domain group to be better than another? I'd like to make these sites paid for the domain costs per year if possible. What is your thought on the matter?


    I used the search but didn't find any results. Furthermore, if this is placed in the wrong section, my bad. You have my blessing to move it if it was in error.

    Thanks people!

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    Sedo and DomainHop are two of the best. Depending on what kind of domain names you have you may be better off to get into selling them off, try checking out an estimated value. If you are planning on using any of these domain names in the future for a business or such, I'd advise not enrolling that domain into the program. And as for cybersquatting, you might want to google and read up on some of the articles out there to get a good feel of what you are getting into and the risks involved. I don't know what kind of domain names you have, but that can always be an issue.

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    Thank you for your detailed response. Upon further investigation it seems that domain parking with the future intent of selling the domain at a later date can be a risky business venture to say the least. Your input on the matter has changed my mind on the issue.

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