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Thread: office file recovery

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    office file recovery

    first guys I find out that many pc users are having a had time when
    it comes to office file(.doc,.xls,etc..) corruption or office files that is being deleted.

    is there a way to recover these files manually or you need a third party software to recover corrupted office files..?

    if there's a way to manually recover this pls. post
    or if you have a links or freewares that can recover corrupted office files. thanks
    post pls.

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    Here's a free trial version for word 2003. I can't vouch for it personally, but a little googling seems positive.


    /edit : And a few more --

    Shareware :


    And some links to a bunch of freeware and some advice :


    mmmmmm . . . . googleicious

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    that's why we have always not to forget to "BACKUP" our files...
    just a friendly reminder...

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    Sorry guys, but not only did he not read the flashing date he was a smartass besides. Full negs on this one.
    Even a broken watch is correct twice a day.

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    Agreed. And umm...

    Weren't you banned a couple of times. Not sure but i think i saw this JECKGO thing on couple of usernames.
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