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Thread: Brazil throws Microsoft Out of the windows

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    Brazil throws Microsoft Out of the windows

    read this in the new internationalist yesterday evening, and thought it might interest some of you:Brazil has pledged to invest heavily in its own software industry in a bid to keep pace with the technological advance of the developed nations.The government has thrown its weight behind the open-source movement and plans to rid the federal departments of all windows operating systems.Dergio Amadeu,the president of the national institute for information technology, believes that access to computing is the reason for a widening gap between the rich and the poor.He says that open source solutions will enable ppublic access to the services the IT industry provides.
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    Brasil to dump Micro$oft.............................they must be nuts

    Go on .................here is a post for you to neg

    Serious though PS~ didn't his local county (Redmond?) do the same a few years back?

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    Damn : but that Cacosapo has got to be behind this
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    new internationalist
    do you speak of?

    www.newint.org ?

    I am looking for the artical... or is it a news item in the printed mag.. (which usually dosent appear on the online page)
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    Also, the state of Massachusetts has decided against using proprietary formats for their documents:

    Microsoft Blasts Massachusetts' New 'Office' Policy

    Microsoft is lashing out against a revised IT policy planned by Massachusetts that would kill the use of Office in state agencies unless the company adopts the OpenDocument file format.

    By Paula Rooney, CRN
    3:13 PM EDT Fri. Sep. 02, 2005

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