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Thread: Vista != TCP

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    Vista != TCP

    The full article Here:http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/09...g_controversy/

    Microsoft is dragging its heels about applying guidelines it helped develop for trusted computing to the next version of Windows, according to noted crypto guru Bruce Schneier.
    There is a link in the article to a thread on /. that is worth a look also.
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    thanks jinxy.. appreciated the read
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    This is in no way an attack on you Jinx.

    Bruce Schneier?

    Are you kidding me? The author of "Secrets and Lies"?? (in my opinion one of the worst, more deluded books every published on the subject... his paper on the TCG is utter garbage as well... I should direct him to my tutorial on the subject)

    This guy is less of a "guru" than Steve Gibson.

    It is really funny how all one needs to do is spout the security knowledge of your average non-security professional (read programmers & administrators) with a few buzz words and maybe some bright text colors and suddenly you become a guru?

    This doesn't mean Microsoft isn't dragging its heels... in fact I am sure they are, they've taken a good idea and made it very, very stupid... but seriously "The Register" is hardly unbiased or reputable and Bruce Schneier?? *vomit*



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    Whoa, thank god. I thought Jinxy was saying that Vista would not support TCP.

    Vista != TCP

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    that's what I was thinking, I thought it might be related to ipv6 or something.
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