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Thread: registry problem

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    registry problem

    I got xp home with sp2 .
    my problem is when ever i delete any file it do not move to recycle bin.
    one of my friend may have changed any registry value.
    how could i solve this problem.
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    can u describe what happens when you delete a file? it just vanishes without ever going into the bin? if you can a little more info would be helpful ( system specs)
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    See this page for a registry fix for the recycle bin. About a fifth of the way down -- just search for it. Instructions at top.


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    I got Dell 8600 laptop with XP home(with sp2) on it ,i think some one had played with it.
    when ever i delete any file either by delete key or by right clicking ->delete <-| it doesnt move to recycle bin rather just vanishes even if it's size is in few KB's.
    I had already checked recycle bin properties and every thing is right.
    And had alredy checked for viruses ,spyware and other dam things - all clear.

    I used McAfee and ad-aware to scan(both updated last night).
    i have this problem from atleast 4-5 days.
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    I know you said you have checked the recycle bin properties, but when you right click on the icon and select properties and then select the tab for the main partition of your hard drive is

    "Do not move files to the recycle bin
    Remove files immediatley when deleted"

    Check and or grayed out so you cant change it?

    Not sure if this makes sense so i put a screen shot of mine up, notice it is not checked and is grayed out, is yours the same?

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