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Thread: wireless network keeping applications from functioning

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    wireless network keeping applications from functioning

    Not knowing my Linksys Wireless-B- Broadband Router Model BEFW11S4 and PCI Wireless- B- Adapter Model WMP11 were not secure, all of my applications were working just right...When I was told to put a security password on it to protect all my personal files.. Now none of my applications or programs work at all...I have a Multi-Pool Rate Booster and several other rate boosters which will not work at all. I will load the pool players names ...they sign in ...then only "connecting to yahoo rooms come up...but they do not connect "These applications r to boost the score in pool..(from yahoo all Legal)..I have worked on this for several weeks and can not figure it out...Please if someone could help me I would be forever grateful..Something is blocking the signals going out....I'm new and learning ...Thank You Janie

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    I would guess either your WEP keys are not installed on each machine or you need to tell the switch all the MAC address you want to allow on the NET. If all else fails, google 'Model BEFW11S4' + WEP.

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    Hey Janie,

    Welcome to AntiOnline!

    Passwording the Linksys Wireless Interface Logon (the Local Router Access) on a BEFW11S4 should not affect the routing it only allows access to the interface for the router. Obviously you could always remove the password/confirmation to restore it back to what it was and see if your programs work normally again.

    However go ahead and login to your router, click on the Wireless Tab, click on Wireless Network Access, and see if the "Allow All" is selected or if the "Restrict Access" is. If the "Restrict Access" is selected, make sure your MAC Address from your Wireless - B adapter is entered. It came with a card that has that info on it or you can simply pick up the adapter, turn it over and below the S/N you will see MAC: (then a combination of 12 numbers and letters, that's the MAC Address for the Adapter). You can also click on the "Wireless Client MAC List on the same page and see all of those who are authorized. It will provide you with "Computer Name", IP Address, MAC Address, and whether or not you have Enable the MAC Filter.

    Now if by:
    When I was told to put a security password on it to protect all my personal files.
    You mean that you generated a Passphrase or a Key, in one of the security settings, then all the adapters on your network must be configured as well

    Anyway logon on and see what you got.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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