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Thread: Relocation to Russia

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    Relocation to Russia

    I work for a Company that is opening an Office in St Petersburg ( Russia) and Im in need of some ideas.

    One of my first tasks there is to recruit IT personnel , Therefor id like to ask for some ideas as to were is the best place to advertise/post IT job opennings in order to reach a Russian audience .

    Thus my first ideas right now are the newspapers , are their any IT related publications or any publications aimed at the University Graduating crowed that i could advertise in ?

    If any one knows any , please let me know.


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    Well... I don't know specifically about Russia, but most colleges have job placement offices, you might try there. Talk to one of the counselors there, if they can't help with the recruiting, they probably know who can, and whatever advice they give you will be far more geared towards that locality than you're likely to get here.

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    Most IT departments and Computer oriented companies around here get to know the professors at the local colleges and universities, then take their recommendations for potential hires. I would suggest this route as well.
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