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Thread: Win xp uninstall

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    Win xp uninstall


    I have 3 os on my pc. win 98 primary, win xp logical and red hat 9 as primary. Now i want to reinstall win xp.

    My boot sequence is that firstly GRUB goes for lin or dos , then ntloader for win xp pro or 98.

    I want to ask for the safest method so as not to screw other two os's.

    This is urgent !!
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    One way you can do it is to make sure your BIOS is set to boot from CD-ROM first.

    Then put your Win XP CD in it and restart the computer, you may have to prees a key to boot from the CD when prompted.
    Follow the instructions to install windows XP, you will be asked to select the partition you want to install it to, so select the Windows partition, then install it there, it will come up saying that there is already an installation on the partition are you sure you want to continue (or words to that affect) so just say yes and continue.

    What problem are you having that makes you want to reinstall?
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    Well the trouble is that i read this article in AO's forums for sygate being voted as the best firewall so i wanted to give it a shot ! So i uninstalled the blackice firewall and it went wrong somewhere !

    Then i decided to backup my registry as it was showing some errors for the registry after unsuccessful uninstallaton. I thought i will again try to uninstall it after the registry is restored but the registry said that unable to read registry !

    The i went for the restore points but as the uninstallation went bad in the middle some files were gone which made the software not to work. So here i am with some probs with my registry, a software that wont go off my add/remove application panel.

    Though i tried to install the software over previous installation it didnt worked. The i think that rather than having a comp with errors i can better it up with reinstalling windows.
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    .... computers come to the rescue .... ah technology at last has some use.

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    Since you are using GRUB, you should boot linux and
    make a boot floppy, in case the windows reinstall fubars
    your Master Boot Record. After installing windows, make sure
    It will still boot properly. If Grub is wiped, then boot from the floppy
    and run grub install
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