Stumbled on this :

MET was released on August 30 by "Petko Petkov" and announced on the Full Disclosure mailing list. Written in the Python scripting language, MET is a collection of scripts designed to mine data from the gigantic databases stored by Google's search engine.

Massive Enumeration Toolset (MET) is a collection of python based scripts designed to perform various Passive Information Gathering techniques which can be helpful when evaluating the security of public computer networks.
After a long month of examining how Google™ Search Engine works, I finally managed to release version 0.5 of MET. The package is far from perfect although I tried my best to make it as good as possible. A list of top highlights from version 0.5 is presented here:

* Supports Johnny's GHDB (Google Hacking Database XML Format)
* Supports Googles™'s API (Soap Based Protocol for performing search queries)
* Supports Google™'s Mobile (Alternative frontend interface availabel to mobile users)
Very new, not well documented, but interesting . . .