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Thread: Blocking sites

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    For my kids I use We-blocker:


    Itis completely free and fully functional at that price.

    It has fully functional filters and can block by any URL you add to the block list. It can even update automatically from the list server. You can control the content with built in category filters.It will also keep a record of sites visited if you set it, but since you are talking about an office environment, you better check your legal for that aspect.

    Here is the disclaimer, it only works with MS IE, not mozilla or firefox. And it is fairly easy to defeat if you have a little bit of a clue. But I keep an eye on it and keep both of my tenagers at bay, (although I have other things going on as well and no legal issues to deal with....yet)

    Hope this helps.
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    I set up squidguard on RH7 once upon a time. It ran on a Celeron 700 and could cope with a 600 pupil school + staff. Cost us nothing but a bit of time. It was surprisingly effective as well. Should go on any onld box you can get.

    I don't have the how-to anymore but Google should bring you up something for SquidGuard.

    <Edit> I've done a quick Google and found a few things using squid and Dans Guardian. I've not setup Dans myself but I have read that is is quite effective.



    If he is an employee then he should be bound by an acceptable use policy or just acceptable working practices. If he can't use the internet facilities at his place of work sensibly he should be heading for the front door never to return.

    If you dont have an AUP you should consider writing one or at least informing employees of acceptable practice at work and the penalties that could occur. If this guy is looking up porn at work and someone takes offense it's the company that get sued not the employee.

    Similar policies should be in place for email also.

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    You could give Dansguardian a try

    It s a free (for education) solution and provides url/domain filtering as well as content filtering baesed on actual html page contents i.e you can limit the amount of times the word sex appears in a page and block it based on that amount). It requires squid to function but in my oppinion a high peformance solution. i have never used a content filter system like it. powerfull and high performance. 9/10 in my books. only point it looses on is the interface (command line).


    have fun

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    At my old HS they used Websense, it was ok but sometime blocked legitimate sites thinking they were porn and that was a little annoying. Most people in my highschool knew how to get around it but, that takes a little know how. goodluck
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    Re: Blocking sites

    Originally posted here by warriorfan808
    Something other than a firewall.
    I personally like this feature of my firewall..

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    sometime blocked legitimate sites thinking they were porn
    That's an issue you'll get with any content filter. Schools have real problems blocking pr0n while still allowing sex education sites. Similarly with drug sites health advice Vs illegal content.

    Getting the balance right is a black art and cheaper options like SquidGuard or Dans take some tender care to get working acceptably but it can be done.

    We have Surfcontrol at work and it does a good job but it is a long way from being cheap.

    I think the issue here is that they feel they have to implement a filtering solution for a single employee. If your employee cannot be trusted why is he still there. The company sounds like it needs some policy changes and a bit of management guidance (I'll come in as an ISO17799 consultant just 100/hr ).

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    warriorfan808, here is a fun option/project - first, tell your boss not to be a tight-arse and give you a couple of dollars to go to a swap-meet and get an old computer, any low end pentium unit will do. Drop a couple of network cards and a healthy bit of RAM into it, 256mb + - this is important for filtering it is a bit memory hungry.

    Now go visit http://www.ipcop.org or http://www.smoothwall.org and download the free iso of their firewall distribution. Load this onto the computer, it is very easy if you follow the instructions - 15-20 minutes tops. I know you didn't want a firewall option, but trust me this is fun and works.

    Now thats all set up - slip on over the http://www.urlfilter.net and download the addon for either Smoothwall or IPCop, which ever one took your fancy and drop that on the box - place this computer between the Internet and office network and little Johnny has no more football or porn to look at

    If you chose IPCop there is always Cop+, a Dansguardian addon to be got at http://firewalladdons.sourceforge.net/cop.html. But remember, Dansguardian loves RAM, so the more the merrier.

    You can monitor where he visits from the very easy to read logs and add the sites as you find them on a very easy to update web interface you can even customise the blocking page and send a message that scares the pants off him

    Instant firewall/proxy/DNS server for the office with filtering capabilities and with a bit of luck cost you nothing but your time, if the right bits are found lying around - now the boss can sell that hardware firewall and take you out to lunch for being the bright and ingenious individual you have shown yourself to be.

    Whatever your solution - good luck.

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