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Can I borrow this thread, sir? To save postage.... and to further expound upon this inquiry. I'll be commandeering this thread so what I ask now, is assistance. I am presenting the same question. Only I wish to install a corporate level firewall, on a mock- online game network. Pure generics. None the less, this trial is project status.. so I need to know the best firewall one would recommend for a Linux server hosting an online game. Is it really IPtables..?
To follow up with SirDice's post... I would avoid having anything except the game software and necessary system components on the server. Any added components are going to make it more exploitable. Checkpoint and PIX both have excellent filtering capabilities, and are highly configurable and scalable. Although, they are very expensive. If you cannot afford a solution like that, my advice would be to set up a dedicated gateway using Linux and IPTables.

EDIT: Snort maybe? Some IDS functionality?