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Thread: What firewall would you recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sherinfriedler View Post
    I use the best Comodo firewall, it is the award winning personal firewall software on Internet..
    Visit: http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/
    FFS Sher~ this thread is almost 6 YEARS old since it was Hi-Jacked, and EIGHT years since initiated, when the personal FW might have worked, but didn't actually EXIST ........ are you by any chance staff for Comodo? just a hunch and as PERSONAL FW, it isn't up to snuff for corporate environments either
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    I used to have Norton and then avg, one day when I ran the avast antivirus I got about 200 virus(no kidding).
    Now I use Zonealarm (besides the windows firewall) and got almost no problem with virus, the ones I got came from pendrives. Don't know if there is any better firewall, that's the one I use

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