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    Recover data

    Hello. I have a Pen drive that i need to recover some Excel files, those files are very important.

    I have been using Recover My Files, Recover4all Pro, he can recover the files, ... well... almost, the program can see the Excel files, and even recover, but when i try to open one of them, they don't contain data, or the file gets wierd, my something like a code.
    What program could i use, to recover files with out them get corrupetd?


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    Here's a thread from the other day that might be of some help. The op didn't check back, so I can't say how well it worked . . .

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    The only one I ever used was dd_rescue

    Load of info here:
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    Re: Recover data


    Some tools do really corrupt files sometimes in the process of restoration, or not bring them back completely. I've been using Undelete tool to restore erased files, and to tell the truth it never yet failed me. You can also try it out, if you wish.

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    thanks for the replys i will give it a try

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