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Thread: sensitive mouse

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    sensitive mouse

    hi guys and ty for a quick response as usual;
    i have intellimouse optical 1.1a usb and ps/2 compatible
    when i click it it is so fast open the new web page twice its very hard to use it.
    i tryed to play in settings control panel but no success.it is doint it suddenlly.no any changes in settings, no any installs nothign.

    cp pro
    any suigestions?

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    Have you played around with the Double Click speed option in the mouse control panel. YOu do mean single click right ?
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    Did you say you are clicking once and the page/program is opening twice?
    Maybe just a bad mouse. the little microswitch in the button is funky.

    But make sure you don't have some unusual settings, like "single click" to
    open programs and then going around double clicking on stuff.
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    i have set it up for double click
    was playing around today with settings and it seems to be ok
    will see how it goes
    saving for laser mouse (just in case)

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