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    Originally posted here by modafar
    i think we should take a minute thinking what this trojan creator want to say.
    every action has a source which is the idea, message,.... behinde it..
    Actually...a lot of virus/trojan writers are nincompoops who dont fully understand the consequences of their actions or are ought to impress a girl


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    You usually think of it as being the other way around. You're
    trying to go to the Baptist Sunday school site, and suddenly
    some "embarrassing" pics appear on the screen, just as the wife
    comes in the door...


    So, now, if they find detailed jihad plans on my computer, for blowing up
    London, Amsterdam and Paris with stolen H-Bombs, I can claim it was
    an Islamic virus I must have gotten surfing some Warez site.
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    Stopping people from jerking off eh... common. ^_^ Maybe if you made a virus that stopped CHILD PRON (think it's been done a few times) or something that disuaded rape, murder, or general stupidity. Hell, if someone wrote a worm that did automatic updates and patches properly (as versions have been done, but it never really worked and just ate your bandwidth) that'd be a neat feat! Oh well, I like pr0n.

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    Well with this virus it seems to me they arent just destroying data and messing up a computer they are trying to push their ( the virus creators) religious beliefs on everyone else and that just isnt fair now is it? Imagine that a virus that prevents people from looking at good ol fashioned pr0n... what an outrage!!
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