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Thread: damaged/lost password for 2003 AD

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    damaged/lost password for 2003 AD

    Hi Guys, its been a long time since i posted anything, being at Uni warped my internet browsing and i lost touch with the real world of computing.

    Anyway, I have a little problem and i hope you can help me out.

    I set up a small network for somone back at easter and all was fine until a builder managed to cut through the power line oposite, obviously taking out all the computers. It took a couple of days to get the server to work again ( i was still at uni at the time ). Eventually it was all up and working properly. Now i went to do some work there the other day and i couldn't log in. The password for the admin account wasn't being accepted. No one has changed the password (or so they say).

    The setup:
    A Windows 2003 server as a Domain Controler running AD.
    2 windows 98 client PC connecting to shares on the server. the account they use can only access the shares and not log on to the server.

    How can i gain access to change/reset the admin password ?

    I have done several searches but as i am at work the results normally get filters as "hacking" so i can't see them

    Any help would be much apreciated.
    If you need any more info i will be happy to provide it.
    I'm not much of a linux user but i am willing to learn if thats what it takes.

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    Trying to reset the local pw on an AD controller will do one of two things, 1. not work, 2. work just fine but totally hose the domain (at least lock you out of the domain admin account). Since there is no local account because the machine IS the domain, all passwords are in the AD directory. Since its just your friends network with 2 machines resetting up AD probably wont be much of a problem, but just thought you should be aware of it.


    EDIT: I could be completely wrong, let me know if it works out stunningly beautiful. I have however used the screensaver trick to get into a DC before.
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    When you setup active directory it normally asks you to input a recovery mode password, can you do a f8 when the server is booting and select AD recovery as an option?
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