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Thread: Super laptop

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    Super laptop


    Atom Chip Corporation, which maintains it will show off a 2TB diskless notebook based on a 6.8GHz "quantum-optical" microprocessor at next January's Consumer Electronics Show.
    The removable 24Gb of optical ram looks just like a 3.5mm headphone jack, what a coincidence.
    And the quantum processor looks like 2 laser pickups from a CDRom. But what do I know about quantum computing?

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    Oh.. man, this is great..

    I think I'm gonna go build some of those I have a shed and basement full of old TV, hifi and PC parts.. I'm gonna be so rich !!

    I needed this laugh for hours..
    Thanks !!
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    if...IF..its true, it will sink Intel, AMD and Apple over night...all in one go. Ah dear....looks like hes up ****-creek with no padle
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    I sooo wish that were true. Gaming would go to a whole 'nother level. Among other things of course....but mostly gaming.

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    Silly me, I thought that the 32-bit version of windows could only support 4 GB of ram...

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