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Thread: NT Networking Problem

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    NT Networking Problem

    Has anyone ever messed around with ol' Windows NT?

    I bought a cheapo copy from eBay, key included. And my gosh, it is such a headache compared to 2000 or XP. I'm totally lost!

    I can't get the darn thing to connect to my network. I've told it to pull an IP automatically from the DHCP server, given it my domain name, given it gateway and DNS addresses, and still nothing. I tend to get messages like this:

    No adapters bound to TCP/IP are enabled for DHCP

    I go into Networking...it sure as heck looks bound...So what's the deal?

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    Binding order??

    Can you ping

    Can you ping the dhcp server\ device???

    also...what service pack level are you at...there are major changes in SP4 (i believe ) to the protocols and networking that you may need to communicate to a newer service.

    And remember...you have to reboot alot

    Sp 6a is the last SP for NT.

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    ol windows nt? Hell I still own a NT Domain.

    ensure that you have the NT drivers for the NIC.

    Do you have a seperate DNS/DHCP box on the domain you are trying to get the NT box to connect to?

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