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    I have two links for you.

    CyberInsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly

    Dan Geer Interview

    What you want to do has already kind-a been covered and done.

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    As much as I don't like microsoft, this argument is strange. For one, you talk about the email services, but you know outlook isn't the only email service that gets exploited by worm writers.

    Also to take down the internet you would have to take down the backbones like another poster mentioned, which would take a huge, huge planned attack because of the sheer bandwith of each one. They atleast push out 14GBPS, and thats low end for bandwith for backbones. My guess is far higher than that.

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    I agree with KorpDeath M$ has already destroyed the internet; CodeRed,Blaster,I LOVE YOU are
    due to micro$oft, also korp mentioned Internet Explorer, i would also like to add
    the OutLook express and IIS (Incredibly Insecure Server).

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    Well warl0ck7

    Microsoft didnt write that malware....and with Red Code, Nimda, blaster....

    That was unpatched machines that spread the crap

    With the I love you virus....content can be filtered out ...with ISA....and good user education\warnings etc

    AFAIK...IIS.....is not a firewall

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    Originally posted here by KorpDeath
    What's your point... M$ already destroyed the internet. Internet Exploder is evidence of that. Sheesh.
    Not IE.. No... Frontpage !!

    AArgh.. even my dad thinks that's the way to build a website.. And I do my best to educate them (when I visit every other month) :|
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    Don't forget Visual studios inate ability to **** up nice and clean HTML code.....I'v been slapping the bitch for two weeks now, it keeps re-formating my code into bloat-code...its horrible! That and the way the entire C# system works on the internet is horrible, you have practicaly no control over things, M$ just wants to control your brain!! * Puts on tin-foil hat *
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    That was less to do with MS coding as it was with Social Engineering.. OK it was coded with VB.. but it could have been coded with anything..

    Where MS will destroy the internet is by splitting it either directly or indirectly.. By forcing its own standards, by companies allowing their websites code to work with only one browser.
    By Organisations becoming so pissed off with MS that they break the internet into to MS standard and the 3WC standard..

    Viruses, worms are just traffic on the Web.. Standards are what hold it together.. create opposing standards then force users to take sides.. the breakdown begins..

    that is where it will be..
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    Originally posted here by Und3ertak3r
    .. Standards are what hold it together.. ..
    I agree. But standards can be influenced -- just like anything else -- with power and money.

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    Originally posted here by warl0ck7
    .. M$ has already destroyed the internet; .
    Microsoft bashing is boooorrrring and passe!

    #1 - if Microsoft never happened and the Unix wizards had their way, the personal computer might still probably be a corporate or university research item and cost $10's of 000's of dollars and you and me might still be writing our resumes on a typewriter and using white out to fix our spelling mistakes because we are too lazy to re-type. *

    (*unless you turned into a yuppie gay Mac user with iPod and iTunes and Gap pants in tow, in which case I can't help you, but none the less, Apple would still try to charge you $10,000 for a Mac if they could only get away with it!!)

    Microsoft corp. heavily and *positively* influenced the Internet and it's boom - so give credit where credit is due.

    As for their software development practices and the quality output of those software -- well, I have one thing to say.

    I have not seen any real useful new features and development done on much of it that would make me go "WOW!". It's the same old carp with a prettier colors.

    I am seeing more security slowly. So a lot more windows will pop up with warnings and ask for user interaction and passwords e.t.c.. in the future. That for me is going to mean more support calls -- but it should (hopefully!) make for a more secure networked environment.


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    You might be better of looking at how Cisco could destory the net, or at least bring it to a halt, given the way they responded to the Cisco vulnerabilities released earlier this year. As was previoulsy said, the core routers are the things that could bring down the net. Exchange could lead to a lack of email, which would no doubt have an affect (especially on corporations) but its not going to be the end of the net as we know it.

    The standards issued raised by und3rtak3r are also a concern, there is a danger that MS become more like apple and lock people into their software (maybe even hardware as well) or things won`t work. Given that there are lots of IIS boxes as well this creates an even larger problem.

    And wtf is a "yuppie gay Mac user"?? A statement like that doesn`t make your support of MS look to good.....Do you have any idea of some of the people who use Macs? ever been to Blackhat? Def Con? Torcon? if not then go have a look around.

    Yes MS have done some good stuff, but at the same time they still produce a lot of crap, it still costs a lot of money, and it still seems to keep having security issues, even though MS tout their secure coding intiatives, although apple just released fixes for 44 security holes, so its not all MS.
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