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Thread: Is it just me

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    Is it just me

    Good evening all:

    For the past 12 or so days, I have had ABSOLUTELY no strange traffic on my networks.

    A little 445, some 1057 and 36445, but nothing out of normal network gibberish. In fact, I just now got a page warning of a possible network outage. Traffic was at 923 packets per minute inbound and 872 outbound at the gateway complaining about the outage.

    note* gateway is fine

    Is this a quite before the storm? Anyone else noticing a decrease in traffic?

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    are you by any chance located in New Orleans?


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    Not that this would directly affect you Dino

    But up here...in the great white north..

    Rogers has introduced "safe internet" for their home users...basically blocking malicious traffic\ports\attachments??

    Not sure of the specifics....yet

    Maybe your ISP is doing something similar??? or trying

    I used to get 3 -4 logs a day and I have seen an increase recently...last couple of months

    I believe I started a thread about ISPs filtering traffic sometime ago..basically to cut down on the home zombies etc.........although the point of specific services\ports are required for business and custom apps were valid....

    I thought it would be a good idea to block certain traffic on a basic home users connection.

    Certainly would cut down on the ISPs having to deal with support calls from users loaded with spyware\virii \worms...and who knows what else

    But then again they may get the whinning...I cant play my game\vpn\visit p0rN sites\ etc

    although........it may cut down on my wine supply

    I trade wine for cleaning spyware

    Works for me....and I have a never ending supply of wine\whine


    edited for spelling.....as always
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    Taking a quick glimpse at my log file sizes nothing has changed since 8-20.

    Looking at the "chopped up" logs I see the same.

    It isn't quiet here.....
    Don\'t SYN us.... We\'ll SYN you.....
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    Good morning MLF:

    Who knows what my ISP is doing. The connection I was refering to was my T-1 work connection. I wouldn't think that the ISP would do anything besides provide the pipe. Any way I'm going to shut up and not temp the "Gods"

    Tiger, Man you are always in the thick of things

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