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    Grisoft Gets 16M From Intel

    I wonder if this means it will become free-er ??

    Intel Capital has taken its largest equity stake to date in an Eastern Europe outfit, sinking $16m into Czech anti-virus company Grisoft to help it expand in business and consumer markets.

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    It would be a shame it this ended the free AVG for home users.

    For those home users who have no av and are unwilling to buy it (or keep up subscriptions) AVG has always been a good option to give to those people.

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    http://free-av.com is quite alot better than Grisoft's AVG...although you have to download the whole program again when you want an update.

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    http://free-av.com is quite alot better than Grisoft's AVG
    There are a lot of good things going on with AVG so what makes "free-av" better (in detail please) and are there any unbiased side-by-side comparisons? Gotta provide some support to your statement otherwise is it only an opinion.

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    i think that no updates alone makes it inferior.......... i have used avg for a long while now, i think i forst heard about it here, i will subscribe if they lose the free version, i think thats the marketing plan of a small company anyways....kinda like shareware without the nags.....especially when its been a superior product
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    Intel are going to want their money back, with interest. Expand their paid for service may or may not earn enough for that. But there is a captive customer base using the free version and most of them have been for a long time.

    I would hazard a guess AVG is going to be purely commercial at some point in the future?
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    AVG is incredibly economically .......cheap! Not cheap in quality, but a great price. I've been using Free AVG for some time at home and recently had to purchase Anti Virus for our small company. In comparison to the biggeer companies, AVG gives you an incredible bang for your buck. we picked up 20 licenses for $450.00, 2 year agreements! Also, when you're a subscriber, they reply to tech help very fast.

    So far, my only problem is getting AVG admin to work. They sent the CD, but no booklet on how to use it.

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    Originally posted here by warriorfan808
    So far, my only problem is getting AVG admin to work. They sent the CD, but no booklet on how to use it.
    Might try here: http://www.grisoft.com/doc/42/lng/us/tpl/tpl01 It has a "Remote Administration" section among other things. G'luck.

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    The optimist in me wants to believe this money will go towards even better tools, both free and paid.

    The pessimist in me wants to believe this money is a bribe to stop them from giving away their free version.

    I hope the optimist is right. On every machine I've built, I put AVG and tout it as at least as good, if not superior, to paid home-user products. Plus, I really don't like the sneaky "Pay us now AND pay us every year to keep updated." But that's a gripe for another day.
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    Originally posted here by Aelphaeis
    http://free-av.com is quite alot better than Grisoft's AVG...although you have to download the whole program again when you want an update.
    I need to agree about AntiVir program. If anyone wants to, scheck-out the two software-reviews that I wrote regarding AntiVir...

    I wrote the first review for the CastleCops site (a shorter one):

    AntiVir PE Review

    And the second one for The Geek Culture forums (a longer one):

    Review: H+BEDV AntiVir program

    P.S., In one sentence: it is mainly its "Filters" (enables you to exclude up-to 12 processes from real-time scanning) and "Activate/Deactivate" features (I hope this one doesn't need an explanation) that made me a devoted user of AntiVir program when time passed, though it's resource-consuming (particularly the CPU) is also convincing (i.e. low)

    cheers, satyr
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