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Hacking Workshop I, 10 - 11 October 2005

Internet-based information-gathering

Network-based attacks:
- Portscans
- Buffer overruns
- CGI-attacks
- Path climbing-attacks
- Meta character attacks & unicode-attacks
- DoS and dDoS
- Windows-Fileshareing (LanGuard)

Passwort-sniffing, ethernet based

Attacks using emails

Hardware-spys, keyghost

Installation of trojan horses

Virii and "virus construction sets"

Attacks on a browser (java, ActiveX, etc.)

Attacks during a systems boot sequence


Social engineering

Using L0phtcrack to crack windows passwords

Cracking unix-passwords with crack/john the ripper

Automised password guessing


Hacking Workshop II, 12 - 13 October 2005

Attacking cryptographic systems

Man-in-the-Middle-attacks against SSL
(Used in internetbanking) and SSH

Attacks on WLANs

Attacks on firewalls

Advanced scanning-techniques (ACK/SYN/FIN/XMAS/NULL, IDLE-scan)

Traffic-Based attacks


Session hijacking, hijacking using Ethereal

Sniffing on the switch, analyses using Ethereal

D.o.S. on connections

Attack tools (Nessus, Stealth Http Scanner
and others)

How to stay up to date

How to conduct security checks

SSH, VPN, IPSec and tunneling

In part II of the course we'll discuss the more sophisticated hacking techniques as for example the IDLE scan. Knowledge gained in part I will be put to use in practical exercises.

During the course we can check one or more of your systems. Please note down the IP-adresses which should be attacked during the course on the registration-form and give us explicit permission to perform attacks by signing it.
We must inform you that a security check may have an impact on your systems performance.

Hacking Workshops I + II
Standard Fee - 2000 EUR
* Early Bird Fee - 1600 EUR

Participation fee:

Hacking Workshop I
Standard Fee - 1100 EUR
* Early Bird Fee -900 EUR

Hacking Workshop II
Standard Fee - 1100 EUR
* Early Bird Fee - 900 EUR

*Register untill 15th of September and pay the "Early Bird Fee"!

The fee includes the participation to the training, the documentation of the workshop, coffee breaks and business lunch.

Language of the conference: English
Target group:

System administrators

Security specialists

Firewall administrators

You're invited to use your own notebook in the course room network.

Required knowledge: Basic knowledge of operating systems and networking, linux/unix and TCP/IP.
Duration of workshops: 2 x 2 days
Trainer: Stefan Arbeiter

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