Don't forget that one of those suspected in the release of the Mytob and Zotob worms was arrested in Turkey.

Police in Morocco arrested Farid Essebar, 18, a Moroccan national born in Russia who used the online moniker "Diabl0." Authorities in Turkey arrested 21-year-old Atilla Ekici, known by the online alias "Coder."
Essebar and Ekici are suspected of releasing the Zotob and Mytob computer worms that were designed to take advantage of flaws in Microsoft's widely used Windows operating system. The suspects' nicknames can be found in the original computer programming code for Zotob, according to the FBI and Microsoft Corp., both of which worked with overseas officials on the case.
Washington Post

If the action violates the law in that country (which is why your case is different, jinxy) and the two agencies are on good terms, I can't see what would stop them from nailing you. Extradition isn't an issue if you don't live in Turkey.

To me, Turkey seems the least likely candidate. Why not back woods Russia, China, Africa, SA ??