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    About movies...

    Does anyone know about a good, realistic (!) movie to watch that handles things about computer security in a realistic way? Something that is pretty close to reality instead of all those fictional stories? (And I don't mean instruction videos!)

    EDIT: Added the word realistic after discovering that this thread is already mentioning some hacker-movies. The movie needs to be as close to the truth as possible.

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    that '84 movie "Hackers".

    Just kidding. Please don't watch that movie.

    I liked swordfish, but again, it's hollywood not based very much on reality. It is entertaining though.

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    http://store.2600.com/film.html ... not really technical but still worth watching

    http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-medi...-archives.html ... learn, learn, learn

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    Can't say I know of any...Do any such movies even exist?!

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    What is HaXXXor?
    HaXXXor combined computer hacking with porn for the first time on DVD.

    Our Motto
    If you're tired of other videos making empty promises they have no intention to deliver on, we are your solution. Armed with real girls showing all of their hardware. The 2 Percent Crew proudly presents HaXXXor!
    Also featuring a nice nmap tutorial http://www.insecure.org/nmap/nmap_haxxxor.html
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    Does anyone know about a good, realistic (!) movie to watch that handles things about computer security in a realistic way?
    No, there aren't any. Basically commercial movies are there to make money, so they have to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. That means that anything technical is dumbed down or made far fetched for entertainment value.

    Computer security is too specialist to sell box office wise.

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    Computer security is too specialist to sell box office wise.

    just like in the CSI series ........

    the techniques they mention, and show a little of, MAY be correct and acurate depictions,


    it all comes down to time scale ...........

    my wife worked as a micro-biologist, she worked in a Path-Lab and one table did 24 and 48 hour wounds .................

    as the name implies it took 24 or 48 hours to develop microbes to analyse
    NOT 2 minutes as on TV
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    Irongeek made some movies tuts. They're about as realistic as you can get.

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    The Net.

    "Give us the disk and we'll give you your life back."

    Ultra realistic.

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    If you are looking for vedio tutorials, I guess LearnKey has got some nice vedio-based self-paced elearning training .... give it a go ....

    http://www.learnkey.com/elearning/ ========> It might be a costy solution, but its worthy, I guess.

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