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Well in America private schools have a 98% average college acceptance rate. At least my school did. But at the end of the day, given the same tools everyone’s equal.(if you will) I believe our nations brightest prodigies come out of our public school system.

You get what you pay for......policies, standards, smaller classrooms, college level teachers etc..... those are the advantages to "paid schooling". Being born not so bright......doesn't matter how much money you have or what school you went to.

Policies, standards, smaller classrooms....that's the change I want to see in our public school system....forced learning.
Hey Hey,

I actually agree with what you said here... and well said it was...

I just have one question... How do you consider that you've earned everything in your life (as stated in another thread) yet you went to some fancy private school? How'd you earn that.. sounds like you had the good life handed to you on a silver platter.. which makes me believe you're just a bitter rich snob who really has no clue... just an opinion I'm jumping too... but I'm curious as to your justification on earning everything.. but starting out with obviously some sort of help...