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Steve Ballmer vows to " KILL " Google

Google announced on Thursday that it has hired Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, as the search giant seeks to build a network foundation for its future Internet applications.

Cerf, who codesigned TCP/IP, will help Google develop architectures, systems and standards for next-generation applications, the company said.

"Vint Cerf is clearly one of the great technology leaders of our time," Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive, said in a statement. "His vision for technology helped create entire industries that have transformed many parts of our lives."

In 1973, Cerf co-designed TCP/IP for the US military while working as a Stanford University assistant professor and DARPA scientist. He worked at MCI for most of his career, with an eight-year break to work at the Corporation for National Research Initiatives.,00.htm
Google hires Vint Cerf - ZDNet UK News

Google, it seems, to have something big looming on the horizon...if you assume they're eating up all this talent for some purpose...Ballmer must be fuming with jealousy and suspicion at this point