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Thread: Wheelbarrow blagger cuffed after 2mph pursuit

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    Wheelbarrow blagger cuffed after 2mph pursuit

    A Devon criminal mastermind has been given a two-year community supervision order after pleading guilty to a burglary during which he attempted to make good his escape with a wheelbarrow - only to be cuffed after a two-hour, 2mph dash for freedom with his victim in low-speed pursuit.

    and you non US people think we have all the hicks?

    The spokesman also confirmed that the force's chopper was grounded due to the bad weather. A pity, because the helicam footage would surely have made a terrific The World's Wildest Wheelbarrow Pursuit - Ever! TV special.
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    True story
    local to me there is a nuclear plant, there they have LOTS of security, checking everyone in AND out of the plant ..........

    There was a lot of building work going on, and the contractors were there in abundance, and each night, one man would wheel his barrow to the gate, get patted down by the guards, and sniffed ???? by the dogs............

    Took 'em a month to realise he'd been half inching* wheel barrows

    *[half inching = {rhyming slang} pinching]
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