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Thread: boot multiple OSes from an NFS share???

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    boot multiple OSes from an NFS share???


    What I want to do is set up images of several different OSes (including WinXP, maybe???) on my Solaris (SPARC) server, and then export them via nfsd... What I need is a boot loader that will boot from these nfs images...

    I know that I'm being a little vague - and that's because I'm really not sure exactly how I'm going to set this up (if I set it up at all)... I'm picturing a lab full of what are essentially terminals, booting the OS of choice from a main server... of course, users' personal directories will have to be placed elsewhere on the server, and mounted at log on (so that personal files are accessible from any OS)... but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

    Can it be done?... I believe Maestr0 told me once that GRUB had the capability, but I've turned up nothing so far that says anything about booting a remote OS...

    wait a minute...

    (light-bulb comes on)

    </me Googles for 'remote boot'> :-o

    Oh... n/m... :http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Remote-Boot.html

    This may be what I need...

    Still - any questions, comments, things you'd like to think about? I'd appreciate any responses that may help me on my mission...

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