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Thread: Trouble Installing Win95

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    Trouble Installing Win95

    Ok guys, I need help with some old school stuff. I didn't get into computers heavily until the days of WinMe and beyond (yeah, what a time to decide to jump in, huh?), so I'm just now going back to learn the Win9x stuff. Right now I'm trying to install Win95 on a spare computer I picked up and dang...This is definitely much more complicated than that super nice wizard XP provides huh? (Duh James.)

    Anyway, I think I'm on the right track. I set up a Win95 boot disk and booted off it, formated C: to FAT, so that's all done. When it boots up, it identifies the CDROM driver, so that seems to be in place too. I can even reach the "D:\" prompt.

    However, when I try to run D:\win95\, I get this:

    Invalid media type reading drive D
    I've tried it with two different Win95 CDs.

    Soi no what?

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    Man you got in.... Hmm, when I got my first computer Windows Melenium was out as well.

    Anyway, I've installed Windows 95.... Twice maybe? You need to boot from the CD-ROM if you can, installing from a floppy is like having your dick stuck in a grinder.

    Can you not boot from CD?

    Go into BIOS and seeif it's selected. It's going to have a boot order like "C Drive, Flopp"... Try for putting CD drive first.

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    Yep, that's the first thing I did. It never even bothered trying to boot from CD, just went straight to booting from the HDD as if there was no CD in the drive. That's why I figured I'd have to use a boot floppy.

    [edit] Also, it will boot from a WinXP, WinNT, or Lindows CD, as I tried those. I've tried several Win95 and Win98 CDs though, and it won't boot from any of those. [/edit]

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    www.Microsoft.com will walk you through it.

    Be sure to install Duke nukem 3D too........ the days of dos.

    CD:\ cd games
    CD:\games\ cd dune
    CD:\games\dune\ dune
    CD:\ games\dune\dune\ duneII

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    Got to ask :

    Genuine MS CD's ??
    good condition, W95 and excellent is THE oxymoron for the day
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    Some are genuine, some are not, I've tried both original CDs and them some (legally ligit license keys included, mind you) burned CDs I got from Nihil. It won't work with either.

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    Invalid media type reading drive D
    Windows has been pretty good about "backward compatibility" but couldn't really do anything about "Forward Compatibility". Is the CDROM attempting to play a 33 1/3 vinyl at 78 RPM? Our CD players back then were only about 8X or so. Or were the copies a modern format that can't be read by an old CDRom?

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Oh great Knight of Angels, thou needest that which is known as a 'boot disk' containing dos 6.1 with system upon it. Thou wilt also require a driver for thine CD rom, and 'tis quite nice indeed to possess the 'format' and 'fdisk' programs upon't as well. Thy mayest also require a 'disk manager' program if thine harddrive is overlarge for thine Windows 95.

    Fare thee well, Sir Knight, and may thine quest prove to fruition!

    [Yeoldeedit]Thou shouldst prepare thee an autoexec.bat file to execute a config.sys file thou has prepared specially for the loading of said driver and disk manager into the system. From there, tis self explanatory indeed, for thou needest only to insert the most holy of holies, the Windows CD.[/Yeoldeedit]

    Postscripte - Tis also handy to include a mouse driver upon thine boot disk, which can be executed from autoexec.bat.

    Luck to thee!
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    Originally posted here by AngelicKnight
    Some are genuine, some are not, I've tried both original CDs and them some (legally ligit license keys included, mind you) burned CDs I got from Nihil.

    Talk about dropping someone in the Poo!!

    Its been along time since I had to do a 95 installation, have you tried running A:\setup from the boot floppy instead of D:\win95\?
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    Bleh, I'd rather do it from CD-ROM myself, Nokia. He was having trouble with the A: drive (correct?) anyways, so.. might need to adjust the BIOS settings and see if D: accessibility is all configured.

    EDIT: Nevermind, sorry.. after re-reading the post it was the other way around. My fault.
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