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Thread: Moving Soon.

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    Moving Soon.

    I'm going to be moving into a new apt. soon, what would be the best thing to use to pack up all of my stuff? Any perticular kind of boxes or will any random large cardboard box do?For breakables would syrafome or towels be better for moving things?
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    I've always found the best way to pack is to just try and sell as much as you can before the move and just buy new/used...the less you have to move the better.

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    Old newspapers...........make balls of the pages


    Condolences............moving is worse than Christmas, marriage, divorce and a World War all in one.........my tom cat just told me

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    I'm moving to a place i can't be found by my kids
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    go to a liqour store and get free boxes before they compact them/throw them out .
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    Easy! you can hire the foolks who are doing this all the time, look in the yellow pages in your phone directory ....
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    Use your towels to pack the breakables that way both are packed as for boxes the best are from the liquor stores as these boxes are stronger also have a moving party after all your things are moved by friends crack open the beer and music break in the new place in style
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