Benifits to a DRM marketing solution posted Today 12:04 PM
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With the advent of DRM technologies in the past few years, it is amazing that companies have not embedded DRM in their latest marketing software.

Here are some of the benifits in embedding DRM in your companies marketing software:

1) More targeted advertisements: DRM can read memory and process information from the computer that the marketing software is installed on. This can provide targeting advertisements based on programs that the client is running on their computer

2) Ability to control users market decisions better: DRM can remove competitors programs from the clients computer, allowing you to provide "solutions" to their programs being removed.

3) User data gathering: DRM provides advanced "call home" features. This would allow your company to use the marketing program to collect information such as user's cookie contents, cache contents, visited pages, viewed DVDs (if client has Windows Media Player 9 or higher installed), played MP3s, and even software/music licenses on the client's computers.

4) Client control: Advanced DRM technologies even would allow you to connect to the client's computer as if it were a server and manually control what programs they open up and even delete files from the clients computer if they violate your companies objectives.

5) License control: Your company can use DRM to read and control licenses on the client's computer. This would enable you to void any licenses for competitors software programs.

6) Legal issues of circumventing DRM: Your company can sue the user or any other company that makes programs that remove the marketing software from the client's computer due to the fact that any circumvention of DRM is violating the DMCA.
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