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Thread: 1Gb Micro USB thingy

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    1Gb Micro USB thingy

    So for $60 bucks I can carry around 1 gig of informaton on my keychain. W00t! I highly recommend it. I can even set off a partition of up to 995 MB that's password protected. So far I've just been screwing around and I've been using it to move mp3's/jpg's from school to home and vice versa....but 1 gig is plenty of room to store a number of networking tools. If it were you, what tools would you carry around with you? (Assume that you work mostly with Windows machines).

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    Here's a good start :

    Bart Lagerweij's free utility, PE Builder, condenses the original setup data for Windows XP into a slender operating system that is ready to run from a CD or a USB flash drive. This compact, portable version of Windows includes all the important system tools for dealing with a PC emergency. You can even add other programs to this collection, such as the media writing tool Nero Burning ROM or an anti-spyware package such as Ad-Aware SE Personal, during the installation process.

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    I have a HP iPaq that has both an SD-card slot and a Compact-Flash slot. There's a 1 GB SD card and a 2 GB CF card in it. So a total of 3 GB.
    Installed on it is TomTom, a routeplanner with maps of the Netherlands and the UK. Also the Oxford English dictionary. And Calc98, a free scientific calculator. Two dozens of games. And I've put the CIA Factbook on it just to fill up remaining space.

    I also have a HP printer which has a built-in cardreader, which would normally be used to read pics from a flashcard and print them directly without the need of a computer. But I use it as a cardreader on my PC. I also have an USB-based cardreader which I can use at school or wherever else. And of course my PDA is always able to read this data.

    Now, networking tools? Hitchhiker... A simple WiFi tool that tells you of WiFi hotspots in the area. Basically, it just tries to find and connect to any network in the area. You drive around a bit and you might discover a WiFi spot from where you can go online. It is amazing how many companies still forget to make this more secure...

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    Hitchhiker could be handy. I've used something similar to it before. The CIA world fact book is definitely interesting, but it takes up 30 MB zipped and 80 unzipped....that's a lot. I'll seriously think about putting the 30 Mb zipped version on there tho if I can't find anything else. It *could* come in handy when somebody mentions some country that I've never heard of before. =P

    Thank you.

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    I havent seen to many computers come across my bench that will boot froma USB key though hesperus. Allthough I am not saying you shouldnt have a copy of bart pe on hand. I use a variation of it called the ultimate boot cd for windows (recently discussed on another thread).

    I have a neat little laptop drive enclosure that I have a 40gb laptop drive in that it roughly the size of a normal PDA. I have all sorts of goodies on there. ISO images of just about every windows ever released. AV tools. Documentation. The CIA world factbook (thx katja). It is even USB powered for maximum portability. But it does take 2 usb ports to use. One for the data and one for the power. Not normaly a problem though.

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    what tools would you carry around with you?
    I do use a 1Gb jump/flash/usb drive.. and it DOES have the following ..
    Volume in drive D is UND3RTAK3R
    Volume Serial Number is F405-11F8

    Directory of D:\

    24/08/2005 02:56 PM <DIR> asknoquestions
    24/08/2005 01:01 PM <DIR> LOGS
    24/08/2005 03:22 PM 1,398 BOOTEX.LOG
    02/09/2005 11:13 AM 7,561,000 SkypeSetup.exe
    07/09/2005 01:36 PM 2,967,235 slots.zip
    12/09/2005 01:11 PM <DIR> MP3's
    02/09/2005 10:52 AM <DIR> Drivers
    03/06/2005 03:19 PM <DIR> 00 - Service
    01/11/2004 06:44 PM 10,134 icon.ico
    21/10/2002 05:15 PM 133,144 Payroll.lim
    12/07/2005 08:13 AM 61 AUTORUN.INF
    11/08/2005 04:07 PM 1,692,744 Service2005.hjt
    20/11/2003 03:42 PM 287,157 Service.hjt
    23/08/2004 10:38 PM 1,537,628 und3rtak3r's Notes.hjt
    12/07/2005 08:15 AM <DIR> Treepad-Plus
    18/07/2005 08:14 AM <DIR> need to Test
    20/07/2005 03:28 PM <DIR> Service Disk
    26/07/2005 02:56 PM 2,077,424 WindowsXP-KB894391-x86-ENU.exe
    29/07/2005 07:48 AM 37,446 condomads.jpg
    29/07/2005 07:48 AM 21,060 kitkatorigin.jpg
    02/08/2005 09:18 AM 189,504 Service2005.tpz
    03/08/2005 08:09 AM 437 NEtwork Browser Policy change.txt
    11/08/2005 08:39 PM 6,447,568 MsnSearchToolbarSetup_en-au.exe
    20 File(s) 23,463,136 bytes
    9 Dir(s) 36,208,640 bytes free
    there is a couple of files that are backups of my work note-taking/time sheet prog
    there is my service tools, drivers for the current range of PC's i have still under warranty, a folder with my current tool set for malware removal, replacement winxp files, you know for when it is the only way to get a machine running after a maware attack..

    Bart and UBCD, and Hirens V6 ..are on CD.. simple.. as commented not all the pc's boot from USB, so it is easier to have the boot CD's..

    By the time i can afford a 2Gb drive.. I will definatly have a bootable bart partition and the above data.. and a bit more..

    oh yes only 85Mb of music on the sucker.. not much extra free space.... oh I see.. I still had a Smoothwall and a IP-Cop iso on the drive .. well that will clear a bit..

    Oh I have a second USB 1.1 128Mb drive
    , that I carry the esential tools for those mobos that dont like the USB 2 drive.. funny there is some darn picky hardware out there.. oh it also has the drivers for the usb2 drive just for those not so good days..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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