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Thread: Microsoft Smart Tags?

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    Microsoft Smart Tags?

    Recently received an email with a word in it underlined by a dotted red line....strange. Further investigation denotes this as a Microsoft 'smart tag'. Further reading (on Microsoft website) shows these to be in my words 'powerful little buggers' that will most likely be targeted for misuse sometime in the near future. A brief scan of the website doc mentions making your our DLL's for them, using VB6 for programming. Both of these have been used (or should I say misused) in the past, or am I just being a chicken little? Other than what I have read on the microsoft site about disabling them what other proactive defensive measures could one take?



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    As Paul Thurrott of Paul Thurrott’s WinInfo found out, this sort of thing can get old in a hurry. While typing up his review of Office XP (using Word 2002, of course), Mr. Thurrott typed the word “nice.” Up popped a smart tag offering to book a flight to Nice, France using Microsoft’s Expedia website. When he typed the word “long,” up popped a smart tag from ESPN offering more information on Oakland Athletics centerfielder Terrence Long. As Thurrott put it, “Folks, this is lame.”

    I thought public outrage had killed smart tags, but if you give them an inch they'll take a mile.
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    Well it was useful info....

    Thanks for posting

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