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Thread: making ur ip not visible on the net

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    making ur ip not visible on the net

    Hiii all

    Recently, my computer was hacked into and i lost certain very valuable data...Ever since then i have got paranoid about making my computer secure...i have installed zone labs freeware firewall and updated my computer and removed almost all malware...however, a few days back i visited a security website and that website informed me that my ip address and certain personal info was not hidden...i am very distressed...cud someone plz advice me as to how to hide my ip address on the net...

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    There's really no way to hide your IP. you could make it harder to find, ie. using proxies etc....
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    Oh no, not again..


    You cannot hide your IP adress, the data needs to get to your pc..
    You can however use proxy's to masquerade your IP.
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    First off your public IP is just that PUBLIC. When you connect to a server, the server knows your IP - It has to or else it couldn't give you the information you requested. Lots of people like to show you your Public IP address in an attempt to get you to purchase something.

    Ignore these little pop ups.

    Things to do.

    Install and configure your firewall

    Restrict access to your Computer. since you are using zonealarm, I assume you are using windows.

    What Version?

    edit: Man you guys are fast

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    Lol, this is like the 3rd one in a week.

    Copied and pasted my post from the other day's similar thread...

    In plain English, a computer's IP address is similar to a mailing address. In order to send information to it, one needs the address. It is something you need, but also something worth protecting because it's possible for someone to scan your system for vulnerabilities IF they have your IP address and that can be a very bad thing if you haven't updated Windows with all the patches and if you do not have a firewall. I also highly recommend anti-virus, anti-trojan (sometimes AV covers trojans/worms but can't remove them), and anti-spyware.

    Here is the link to download Ad-aware. This is a very effective free (for personal use) spyware detection and removal tool.

    At the bottom of this page is a link to download AVG free antivirus. Try to use a "junk" email address that you never use when you sign up for it. I also highly recommend Symantec's Norton Antivirus, which is excellent but you have to pay to use it. Whatever you use, keep your definitions up to date (on both antispyware and antivirus applications) and run a scan weekly.

    Here is the link to download ZoneAlarm; a free, very user friendly firewall. There are better ones out there, but this one is pretty solid and especially user friendly. Again, I recommend Symantec's Norton Firewall if you want to shell out some cash.

    I'm sure others will give their input on what they like best and what you should/shouldn't use soon. Good luck.

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    To hide your IP address, first, open your network settings dialogue. Delete any and all entries. Save all changes. Then, unplug any USB, cat-5, or other factor cabling that connects your system to a router, switch, modem, or other communications device. Third, well, if you've already done the first two, this last one isn't being read by you, so ta-ta.

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    Zen has it died on, the perfect way to do the job.
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    zencoder, you chould get a special title of "Luser Abuser" :P
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    Instead of abuse or telling them only what they can't do, some more suggestions on what they can do might be appropriate.

    Beyond making your own system/network more secure, have you become more paranoid about doing regular backups or your valuable data?
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    Instead of abuse or telling them only what they can't do, some more suggestions on what they can do might be appropriate.
    Fair enough.

    Here is one way to mask/hide your IP. (it wont protect you from Government agencies).
    It will do a good job of hidding where your coming from whilst surfing the net and hidding your true IP in applications that can be configuered to use the software.

    Install Tor[1]
    Install Privoxy[2]

    Set up and configuer as per instructions on their websites.

    [1] http://tor.eff.org/
    [2] http://www.privoxy.org/
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