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    simply little google search show that it looks like 6346 is used by the Gnutella network to share P-2-P data.

    So let me ask the question. If a user on our network is running Limewire ( or any other P-2-P progs ), they can connect to the Gnutella network but it seems that when someone else on the Gnutella network tries to download files from there machine it gets blocked. Am I correct in the way that I am interperting this traffic.


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    Shareaza, Limewire, Gnutella and BearShare all use 6346. i dont use any of them but it's my understanding that your IP addy hets added to a list of hosts when you sign on so it looks like your probably right

    if i were you id check xxx.xxx.xxx.142 to see what ports it does have open and check the running processes on that machine to see if one of these bad boys is running. id be dammed if id let someone's want of warez or mp3s endanger my job.

    BTW you can check the running processes on a remote machine on your network from your own box by using pslist.com from systernals.com. you need to be logged on with admin rights on the network or use the admin password.
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