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Thread: Nmap 3.93 Released

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    Nmap 3.93 Released

    Nmap Hackers,

    I'm pleased to report that the major Nmap 3.90 release has been well
    received. The Windows version of Nmap has struggled with poor
    performance since Microsoft's obnoxious crippling of raw sockets last
    year, but the new raw ethernet sending system seems to resolve most of
    those problems. It is faster than Windows raw sockets ever were. So
    this feature is the C++ equivalent of giving Microsoft the finger .
    The only real downside is that we can currently only support ethernet
    (including wireless). If you're stuck on a dialup connection,
    consider a live Linux CD such as Knoppix.

    Any release with a 16 terminal-page changelog is going to have a few
    bugs, and 3.90 is no exception. So I have released 3.93 to resolve a
    few issues people have found. It also includes an updated
    nmap-mac-prefixes DB reflecting all new assignments since April.
    Libpcap and Libpcre have been updated to their latest versions (0.9.3
    and 6.3).

    As usual, you can find the goods at:


    And here is the CHANGELOG since 3.90:

    o Modified Libpcap's configure.ac to compile with the
    --fno-strict-aliasing option if gcc 4.X is used. This prevents
    crashes when said compiler is used. This was done for Nmap in 3.90,
    but is apparently needed for pcap too. Thanks to Craig Humphrey
    (Craig.Humphrey(a)chapmantripp.com) for the discovery.

    o Fixed a crash on Windows when you -P0 scan an unused IP on a local
    network (or a range that contains unused IPs). This could also
    happen on UNIX if you specified the new --send_eth option. Thanks
    to Jim Carras (JFCECL(a)engr.psu.edu) for reporting the problem.

    o Fixed compilation on OpenBSD by applying a patch from Okan Demirmen
    (okan(a)demirmen.com), who maintains Nmap in the OpenBSD Ports

    o Updated nmap-mac-prefixes to include OUIs assigned by the IEEE since

    o Updated the included libpcre (used for version detection) from
    version 4.3 to 6.3. A libpcre securty issue was fixed in 6.3, but
    that issue never affected Nmap.

    o Updated the included libpcap from 0.8.3 to 0.9.3. I also changed
    the directory name in the Nmap tarball from libpcap-possiblymodified
    to just libpcap. As usual, the modifications are described in the
    NMAP_MODIFICATIONS in that directory.

    o Patched libdnet to include sys/uio.h in src/tun-linux.c. This is
    apparently necessary on some Glibc 2.1 systems. Thanks to Rob Foehl
    (rwf(a)loonybin.net) for the patch.

    o Fixed a crash which could occur when a ridiculously short
    --host_timeout was specified on Windows (or on UNIX if --send_eth was
    specified). Nmap now also prints a warning if you specify a
    host_timeout of less than 1 second. Thanks to Ole Morten Grodaas
    (grodaas(a)gmail.com) for discovering the problem.

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    This build clears up some issues when compiled on Fedora Core 4 (I'm sure on BSD and other platforms as well). Version 3.90 released a few days back would SEG when you attempted to run a scan.
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    Nice! I was having this problem on my RedHat 9 system.
    The command completed successfully.

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