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Thread: i have big problem

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    i have big problem

    i have big problem
    my pc very very slow when i sign in while windows starting up]
    after i type my passoword it take many minites to show me desk top
    what can i do to treat this problem

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    Ok i'll be as quick as possible...im tired and im going to sleep...

    Download ad-aware & microsofts anti spyware


    install, boot into safe mode (restart PC and keep pressing F8 while its retsarting, choose Safe mode from the options menu you get....

    scan your PC for malware, remove malware....restart PC, go to start and click run, type in msconfig, click on the Startup tab, uncheck every program you don't need on startup, should speed up the process....
    O.G at A.O

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    I will first assure you that the members of this forum are very willing to give you some advice regarding your problem,however,more information will be required before we can assist you properly:

    a)Do you have any antivirus software installed?What is it telling you when you scan your pc?
    b)Antispyware tools?What are they picking up?
    c)How old is your pc?What is the RAM? ( if you have installed XP on an older pc, it will run more slowly than on a newer one
    d) Have you been downloading freeware?

    Aspman posted a very helpful file you should read, it is attached below.It will direct you to some freeware antivirus tools, and some apps you can install to prevent malicious code from harming your pc.It will also help you set up a firewall to protect your computer in the future.

    [edit]Only reinstall your OS if there is no other way to restore a reasonable amount of speed to your system.I personally reinstall every six months to keep everything clean,but this is just my way of doing things.[/edit]

    please, don't download programs without being sure they are safe.Quite often game demos, warez and the like carry spyware and viruses which may slow down your computer, and even jeopardize your data.

    I hope I've helped, please be sure to answer the questions I've asked above, and you will soon solve this "problem" of yours.

    Best of luck,

    Patrick Shannon
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    I dont think this has been mentioned yet: go to start-run- and type Msconfig, then go to the startup tab and clear out programs that you dont need to start when you boot up.
    Um yeah read my WHOLE first post
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    Why, why, WHY do we keep getting threads like this?

    I'm too drunk to search, but I think this has been addressed many times in the FAQ, etc.

    read: everything and ANYTHING to help yourself first, including searching past posts here ... BEFORE asking a question in a forum such as this. If you can not find an answer many, including myself will be more then glad to help.

    As the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves ( or Allah, or whoever )

    But then provide enough info to allow others to help!

    i have big problem
    my pc very very slow when i sign in while windows starting up]
    after i type my passoword it take many minites to show me desk top
    what can i do to treat this problem
    Although 妯py展ght is probably on the right track, there is no way of knowing ( wish he had such sensitivity when I was a noob and he neged me for NO reason, under a different name )

    pshannon provided similar suggestions but alluded to other possibilities. ( I think I missed that post by Aspman BTW . )

    Questions that come to mind right off the bat ( without assuming anything ) :

    1)Is this your PC or at work ?
    2)are you connected to a network that it has to negotiate with ?
    3)what Operating System is it running ? ( and did this change )
    4)What processor is the machine running ?
    5)How much memory ( oh, Memory ) is it running ?
    6)what type motherboard and what hard disk are being used ? ( access times involved here )
    7)What video card are you running ( how much memory, ( oh, Memory ) does it have )
    8)Is this behavior normal ? ( if not, how long has this been occurring)

    All these things can affect how long it takes to complete a boot-up sequence, and not to mention what antivirus software you are running, and if it is up-to-date.
    But then again, I've been given 2.x gig machines with 512 meg mem that took 5+ minutes to load. These had serious malware issues which the above posts should help solve, along with numerous other posts here on AO.

    ( 妯py展ght , I noticed the reference if he didn't, but thought you went to bed! But did notice no reference of HijackThis in any of the above )
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    If you answer the questions, then others can contribute ideas and thoughts to help.

    For now :
    Follow link to find a thread that was designed for just this type of post.

    follow the instructions

    Get back to us with any more problems.

    Why, why, WHY do we keep getting threads like this?
    More to the point, why do we answer them ???
    If we just put a quick link to one of the clean up threads [I link to mine, strangely enough ] ask them to follow instructions, THEN post if any problems remain,

    we might then find that quite a few of this type of post could be stopped at source

    my 02c

    [edit 2]
    I suggest that you reinstall your system, if you need help doing this, we can give you some pointers ( check the tutorials first ).
    Come on PS ......

    it's not always good advice to tell someone to start again ........
    Where's the fun in that, the OP might be new here, and might be limited in their knowledge of PC's, so saying 'out with the old, in with the new' is not the required answer.
    As they have managed to find this place, lets give them the benefit of the doubt, and try to solve the problem, as I believe that if you start solving the problems, then they STAY solved.
    Wheras, telling peole to start again will just result in people coming back in a few months with the same problem ...............

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    hey guyz

    how can i make my comp better ? it sux rite now lololz!!!111

    They keep mistaking us for the Geek Squad huh?

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    Originally posted here by IKnowNot

    3)what Operating System is it running ? ( and did this change )
    The question is a little bit opaque, IKnowNot ?

    A better substitution form would be,
    What Windows version it is running?

    Please next time do not cause confusion to our respected thread starters.....

    May Allah help us.
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    i have big problem
    i have big problem solver
    Quitmzilla is a firefox extension that gives you stats on how long you have quit smoking, how much money you\'ve saved, how much you haven\'t smoked and recent milestones. Very helpful for people who quit smoking and used to smoke at their computers... Helps out with the urges.

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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80
    i have big problem solver
    Is that of the 10 or 16 pound variety?

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