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Studies suggest the average business spends $250 to set up a new PC - but they spend a fraction of that when they use Laplink PCmover.

PCmover makes it simple. Just install the PCmover software, click your mouse a few times, and PCmover does the rest. It really is that simple!

Was it a hassle to set up your last PC? Did you spend hours or even days moving data from an old PC to the new one? Did you lose data during the process? Were you able to find all the old software you needed to reinstall on the new PC? Maybe you tried using an imaging tool like Norton Ghost, only to discover that if the hardware or operating systems on the source and destination PCs are different, it just doesn't work.

Solve all of these problems with PCmover!
With PCmover, everything will transfer - without deleting or changing anything on the old PC and without overwriting anything on the new PC.
And until the 15th Sep, it's a free D/L

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I got mine, you just accept that you'll receive some mails from the supplier, seems like a fair swap, as I do have a need for this type of thing