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Thread: sick of newbies same questions??

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    sick of newbies same questions??

    hi there,

    i dont know if i would express myself properly but will try.

    today i read one post:
    making ur ip not visible on the net.

    Like manmy many post we have come accross with same question all over again on a daily basis.
    Response goes from welcome to antionline to dig a hole in a garden and put your pc there forever.

    I do understand frustaration of your senior guys with this type of questions, especially with links to newbie questions and tons of information and answers we can find here.

    i do believe that most of us are lazy and its easier to type problem then go and look byourself.
    i tried for this particular request to search on site right hand corner search for, and in advance search typing -hidding ip address and i didnt go far.
    maybe its difficult for newbies to find this information on this site.
    (i believe thats easier then to do your first post).

    reading answers in some of post like this gets embarising.If you senior guys are sick of same requests (including myself) please dont give any answers. There are lot of guys who do repeat answers and are always helpful even i dont have any doubt they are frustrated with it.
    But from my personal view if i can help with anything newbies i feel good and i believe they feel much more welcome on site instead telling them on first post they are idiots because they cant find answer on this site or anywhere else bythemself.

    sry my little 2 cents input but now is somekind of sugestions:
    is it possible when somone type this generic newbie quesions or similar questions that they get automaticlly redirected to that page-with irrelevant answers or same topics or similar posts?

    Is it possible on first pagelike where we have downloads and then in red new downloads so it grabs your attention straight away to have something like that for newbies in red or liitle red square box on first page which hits you strightaway in face when you come to page so they can go there first.
    i think it will save lot of times for you guys and you will be less pissed of with people which for some reason or the other are not experts in this field or its not part of their job like yours in most cases(yes there are some people who use pc as hobbie,entertainment,passtime or whatever and is not their job)Knowlage of this people including myself in IT is very limited and thats why we come here at the first place.
    I think if is possible to do what a mentioned before and maybe this post will incurage more suggestions as it is obvious we do have a little problem there.
    thanks guys and keep a fanstastik work you do i personaly do appriciate it thats for sure .thanks
    (going to buy helmet and armour suit dont hit me too hard-thats joke

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    I don't know, i'f it pisses me off, i won't help the poster, if it doesn't (depends on my mood) i'll gladly do the search for them and post a link to a similar thread. Either help newbs or don't. If nbody helps them they'll eventually look for the answer themselves, but as i saw we provide them with answer within 10 minutes most of the time.
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    Hi unvis$ble,

    I don't see too many people getting angry at newbie questions...maybe it just slips past me and I don't notice...
    I see people occasionally getting annoyed with stupid questions like ' can my mother see I'm surfing pr0n? ' and
    at newbies who make two threads in different forums thinking they'll get an answer quicker if they ask it a few times...
    occasionally someone will sense the person is just being lazy...so why bother...

    but I really don't see members getting mad because they are asked the same question...that would be pointless...virtually every question that can be asked has probably been asked by somebody in some manner...this site depends upon questions...even often repeated ones...if members refused to answer questions that have already been asked that would signal the virtual death of the tech forums.


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    Why would you get mad at them...

    I bet 80% of the current active members first came here or a similair site like this with questions like that.

    Now you know and others are asking them.

    Surely you can understand that. Awnser the questions, they learn, they awnser them for the next "generation".

    Imagine if you will a world where teachers were to complain that every year the children ask the same questions about what they are learning....
    Since the beginning of time, Man has searched for the answers to the big questions: \'How did we get here?\' \'Is there life after death?\' \'Are we alone?\' But today, in this very theatre, you will be asked to answer the biggest question of them all...WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?

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    No need to be mad att all. If you don't like the thread then don't bother replying nor reading.

    We all were newbies somewhere in time, not long time ago. Personally speaking, I don't get mad at all, this is how life goes, some walk past newbie stage and some just get into it.

    Your suggestion requires a very Intelligent system, and this is almost imposible. Is it going to suggest links based on words or phrases? If so, almost every post will be redirected to another thread, won't even work properly.
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    ty guys
    appreciate your imput.i didnt and i dont get mad at all because repeating things i remember them better and easier, and even they repeats its always something new there to pick up.
    yes i was thinking about the same cluster it would probably work like little searching engine in site itself.
    but all the informations are here we just sometimes too lazy and everything is too hard for some reason
    i just hope newbies dont get ofended and discuraged when come accross some rude answers lol

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    hey everyone!
    okay, i am new, i just signed up roughly around five minutes ago, & have no idea what i am doing.
    i'm always on my computer. on a site, 'myspace' if you know of it,
    & i'm always rather bored, & spend most my time looking for things to take up my time, i came across hackers & cyber terrorism. & was really interested in being a white hat hacker.
    then i accidently came across this site & thought it was awesome, & i might get some help with computers, as i am on them alot & my papa is a computer technition but personaly i do not know all that much about computer programs, ect
    so i signed up here, thinking it was just like another normal chat room,
    but everything seems so high tech, with anti points & what not,
    i was actually pretty nervous. & i was afriad to ask any questions because i didn't want to write it in the wrong forum, or loose anitpoints. or whatnot,
    so yar.
    go easy. & it would be heck awesome if some one wanted to point me in teh right direction, i have been looking around myself, but honestly i don't really know where i am suppose to look,
    or if people even come into this forum.
    so quiet frankly i know nothing.


    hey everyone!

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    honestly i don't really know where i am suppose to look,
    or if people even come into this forum.
    so quiet frankly i know nothing.
    Have you noticed that you can click view forums and you will be presented with this page..
    Active in AntiOnline's Forums
    choose a Topic, then look for a thread that you would like to participate in and go for it.


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    Oi thanks, haha i only relized how dumb i must have sounded, as it is not that complicated & i figured it out not long after making that post.

    catcha! xo

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