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    I agree with th13 It was recently bought by sygate and ya look at their A/V the past few years...
    Id stay away

    I say kerio also its very customizable, then again I have the full version not the free version. I say try it tho :-P

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    Good Evening,

    Rather than just a name and/or an opinion (I like So&So's Firewall and it has never let me down); please also provide the reasons why you would select that generation/type (Packet Filtering, Application Level, Stateful Inspection, Dynamic Packet Filtering, or Kernel Proxy) and how it has served you and your configuration. A name, lipstick and makeup doesn't make a girl - neither will pretty gifs and radio buttons make a firewall


    PS: I do get better looking near closing time though...lol
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    I believe that Kerio would be classified as an Application Level Firewall. My favorite thing about this firewall is its high configurability, even in the Free Edition. You can configure the Packet Filter to filter outgoing program access pretty finely, even down to which ports and IPs specific programs can access the internet and at which time of day they can access them. Kerio keeps a list of Trusted Areas and only allows your computer to use internet connections which you tell it are Trusted. The logging system is very detailed, I feel, and has a pretty good, readable interface, too. These are why I choose to continue using Kerio over other firewalls.

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    I wouldn't even be running ZoneAlarm... Why not go with Sygate or something of that nature...

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