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Thread: Cell Phone programming

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    Cell Phone programming

    hi guys i just got a new cell phone a nokia 8910
    description here :

    so i am intrested a LOT in cell phone stuff

    this stuff is about programming a cell phone

    anyone got experience in this field or ever did a program for a cell phone

    any recommended reading stuff ?

    how to determine the program compatibility for different cell phone

    what development software should i get for a nokia 8910

    what are the best tools you program cell phone with?

    Just an FAQ for programmin cell phone or anything u find intresting

    thank you for your help in advance

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    Don't know if you can even write custom applications for this device. I know for PDA's and SmartPhones, it's not too difficult. If they're using Windows Mobile, you can just use the .NET Compact Framework. Otherwise, Borland's CBuilderX has some support for mobile phone development. And some phones can handle Java-code.

    Mobile phone development is easiest with smartphones in my opinion since the .NET framework is reasonable easy to use. (I use it for my PDA, which also uses Windows Mobile but which lacks the phone functionality.)

    Am not sure if you can even write custom applications for this Nokia, though. No specifications about the available RAM or OS are mentioned there. Won't be easy to find out how to write code for it. If it's possible at all...
    Of course you could write applications for your computer that will communicate with your Nokia. Is that what you are searching for?

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