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Thread: Data Center Standards

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    Question Data Center Standards

    hello alll~

    I am looking for some information reguarding Data Center Standards. The data center at my current work location is a bit dated, there are no wire trays the floor is only raised 6 -10 inches off the floor, AC doesnt flow through the ground and up from the bottom of the server trays, there are no humidity/temp monitors in our server room.... the list goes on...

    I am in a position if i can move quickly (before fiscal year end) i can get funding to redo a lot of our server room. Well in order for me to do this I need to get proof and standards for Data Center/Server rooms. I need industry standards and recommendations for everthing.

    Eg: Floor height, height of cable trays, standard for how they should be ran, standard for power, cooling, humidty... etc

    What we have: 40 servers, in 10 different racks and then a pc farm, switch cabinets, an operator, 20 more PCs, all in a 30' X 20' room. Cabling runs everywhere (including over power lines). I need to know what the approx adequate cooling system would look like as well as all the other info I need standards on.

    Also our ceiling is older than crap so i would need to know the pros/cons to changing to a dropped ceiling and why we should instead of the tobacco staind one we have now.

    Thanks in advance

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