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Thread: What is Hack-Fu?

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    What is Hack-Fu?

    What is Hack-Fu?


    Hack-Fu is The True Art of Information Age Fighting Art / Self Defense.

    History of Hack-Fu

    Since Stone Age mankind was in need for a way to survive from giant creatures with more strength than us. Mankind observe other creatures to understand what the enemies (other creatures) strength and weakness are, and learn from them. Eventually after many trial and error our ancestors understood what our strength is “Brain Power”, then later developed the way of Stalking and Hunting. Further development our ancestors attacked and defend our peril fortified by teamwork. Not long after Conflicts arose, man was fighting against man. Under these haphazard situations and struggles for our existence, it led eventually to the origins of preconceived self-defense techniques.

    During Neolithic Age (around 4000 years ago), Kung-Fu more commonly known in the West. The earliest known form of martial arts appears in many story of the legendary Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti.

    During Shang dynasty (C. 1523--c. 1027 B.C) the first evidence of Kung Fu shown the exists of forms of Kung Fu. There are prove from archaeological that in the Age of Bronze, the advancement of fighting, weaponary and tactics were developed.

    During Chou dynasty (C. 1027-256 B.C), which is now known as Iron Age. The development of different philosophy of Kung Fu began to spring up. The classic Book of Odes, mentioned "Without the fist, there is no bravery" which prove Kung Fu was been practiced by some of the people of Chou.

    Today, there are hundreds of different styles. Unfortunately, every styles claim to be the best style, or the ultimate way. Some styles even claim to be able to conclude the bout with one technique. The truth is there is no ultimate style. Wthout understanding any system fully, and understand the strength or weakness of all systems. The practitioner will not be able to be class as "True Fighter".

    In 1752, Master Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. As the story goes, during a thunderstorm he flew a kite with a key attached to to the tail.

    In 1847, Master Alexander Graham Bell created the world of telecommunications. Two years after Master Antonio Meucci created the style of Phreak-Fu experimentation. In 1920s, people had been reports the Style of Automatic Switching were developed.

    In mid-to-late 1950s, AT&T started introducing fully automatic direct-dial long distance and certain forms of trunking carriers which used in-band signalling. In order to survive in the Telco world a new breed of "True Fighter" were born. They are commonly known as "Phreaker", Master Joe Engressia (aka Joybubbles) A mathematics student which studied in USF, discovered he could whistle into a pay telephone the precise pitch with the frequency of 2600 cycle, his new technique allowed him to make long-distance calls at no cost.

    During the 1970s and 1980s, The Internet was born, it began as a Cold War military technology. This new environment was a way for military computers to communicate over long distances. Other institutions, such as universities and hospitals soon were connected.

    Late 1980s, consumers and commercial businesses began to interacted with this new environment. Computer user increased rapidly after the first appearance of browsers in the 1990s.

    Early 1996, Over 180 countrues interconnected with more than 25 million computers through the Internet and it continued to grow at a dramatic rate.

    In order to survive in the New Information Age and the Digitial World. Hack-Fu the only way of fighting and self defense was developed. Like Kung Fu, there are no superiour style. Hackers, the new breed of fighters must understand the strength and weakness of all systems in order to survive.

    Like in the physical world, the true martial artist (Fighter) are ethical, and use their skills to help others. But sadly some martial artist who do not understand the way will attack helpless people online, like bully. It is our job as true Hackers to protect the weak, like our true martial artist in the physical world.

    To become a ŁTrue Hacker" and master Hack-Fu, you must stay ethical and understand the strength and weakness of all system. The path to be a "True Hacker" is to never stop learning.

    Further Resource
    Hack-Fu Kwoon

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